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What is a Personal Chef ?

A qualified experienced cook who will come to your home, discus your needs and dietary requirements, arrange to shop for ingredients, prepare cook pack and freeze or store your main meals. For special occasions the Personal Chef will arrange a delightful dinner party, Shop cook serve and clear away, leaving your kitchen spotless.
Today many busy people organise their lives with the help of professionals such as hairdressers, personal fitness trainers, lifestyle/wardrobe co-coordinators, housekeepers and cleaners to name but a few. A Personal Chef is in the same league, someone who, because of his/her knowledge experience and training helps relieve you of another time consuming anxiety and enables you to carry on with your busy life without compromising your health and lifestyle. At one time it was normal and affordable for many families to have their homes organised by live-in staff, a butler, a cook, a housekeeper and many others.
Today, with smaller accommodation, high wages and the attitude to being 'in service' make these the prerogative of the extremely rich and/or royal households.
A Personal Chef is yours for the day, to shop cook, prepare your meals for the week (5 days) The meals are either frozen or suitably stored for consumption over the week or they can be kept in the freezer for a later time. A Personal Chef can also organize your kitchen and clean/clear cupboards and fridges (for instance after an unexpected hospital stay, or just because you have been overwhelmed with work lately) Perhaps you really wish to seriously start a new diet regime; the Personal Chef is on hand. The Chef will clear all unsuitable items from your kitchen and replace with your dietary needs for the following week/fortnight. I.e. if you decide to do 'Atkins' or similar, all of the two-week induction meals will be prepared for you and stored/frozen ready for you to take out and enjoy. It takes the pressure off the most important phase of the diet and lets you get on with life without the tedium of cooking unusual and often peculiar items.
Dinner Parties
These should give everyone pleasure including the hostess. Let a Personal Chef organise the cooking for you and you can relax with your guests. You have a lovely meal, no shopping, cooking or worry. At the end of the evening your kitchen is as clean as a whistle, you didn't have to organise restaurants, taxis, baby sitter, or worry who does or does not drink that night.
Company Philosophy
Our Philosophy is simplicity, perfect ingredients, and good taste. The presentation is up to you unless we are preparing your dinner party in which case we follow your wishes with an emphasis on good taste. Food is the primal desire our bodies crave, the reason a person over-eats is this; it is not receiving its basic needs in the diet choices. We all need fats, carbohydrates, and proteins etc. but more importantly we need the trace elements and minerals in acceptable forms along with the carrying foods that enable the body to absorb them. If we deny our bodies these basic elements we create eating disorders and cravings that can spiral out of control. Highly commercial diet foods only exacerbate the problem (to the great increase of the fortunes of the companies marketing them) I personally am a purist as far as good food is concerned; I will not combine unsuitable foods for effect or to feign brilliance. If I make a Glace á La Vanille the recipe will be found in any book from the French classic tradition. I will not use cheap fats or thickeners i.e. hydrogenated fats in order to retain crispness; this unnatural substance is a major contributor to obesity in the West today.
Flavour is balm to the palate and if you satisfy it cravings will ease just like pain does with stroking. Combining classic flavours such as strawberries with cream, tomato with basil, lamb with garlic, caramelized apples with puff pastry or chicken with tarragon to name a few, will make pleasing your palate an intensely enjoyable experience which will go a long way to easing the stresses and strains of modern life. Of course that does not mean I will never produce something exciting! An Ethiopian Chicken Stew for example. Authentic in every way including the Teff bread plate.
Personal Chef UK Ltd
My purpose and the purpose of all associates of Personal Chef UK.Ltd is to make eating fun and easy for you. We carry out your requests and produce any dish to the best of our ability.
Fay Olinsky

Terms and Conditions
Personal Chef UK Ltd Associates carry Public Liability Insurance
However it is highly recommended for functions involving costly arrangement, venues, travel and catering etc. that adequate insurance is taken out. Many firms will arrange this type of one off cover, even to cover the event of bad weather for an outside event. In the unlikely situation of you having to cancel a booking at the last minute at least you will have peace of mind.

A deposit of 50% to cover food costs and travel etc. will usually be required at the time of confirmation of booking. This is refundable less 20% administration costs if full written and verbal telephone cancellation is received 28 days prior to the confirmed event.
Additional guests notified after agreement will be added to the final amount on an agreed per-head basis
Final Payment in full is required on or before the day of function.

If the client cancels the event or reduces numbers* for catering within the below stated number of days the following charges will apply; (see also conditions above)

28 clear working days - 20% of deposit charge
Less than 28 clear working days - 50% of total projected charge
Less than 7 clear working days - 100% of total projected charge
*Additional or reduction of guests will be charged on an agreed per-head basis

We try to absorb any small breakages or accidental damage to our own equipment crockery or cutlery, however any willful or deliberate damage will be charged at full replacement cost.
(In the even of damage or breakages to items hired from companies other than ourselves please check with that company prior to delivery of items)
We are not responsible for third party damage to goods from other hire companies. If the hire is arranged by ourselves we will inform you of that companies policies and conditions of hire in advance.

We are fully insured for the unlikely event of damage caused by ourselves.

Copyright © Personal Chef.UK Ltd 2003/04 No reproduction without prior written permission

Our Services

Service Price/Fee
Travel costs will be charged extra for distances of 10 miles or more @ .40 per mile

Personal Chef for the day/ evening (approx 7 hours)

Butler to accompany Chef

Serving Staff (to accompany above) from:-

Dietary Set Up service including 2 weeks food (Atkins, Scarsdale etc.)

Cooking for the Freezer, Family of 4 (5 main meals)
*(£300.00 min: London Addresses)

Family Meal replacement service delivered. (to 4 persons)
*(£300.00 min: London Addresses)

Kitchen and refrigerator makeover with
Shopping Service and re-stocking #(Food Extra!)

Dinner Parties by arrangement (see website or 'phone for quote)
Hire of crockery, cutlery, chairs, tables, linen etc. can be arranged. Prices quoted on individual basis according to your needs.

For Dinner Parties, Banqueting, Lunches etc. the food costs are on top of the above staff costs.
All food unless otherwise stated or requested are prepared personally by the Chef and only the finest, freshest ingredients are used.
Special dietary arrangements can be catered for and will be discussed at the initial consultation or telephone/e mail booking. A personal consultation fee to cover time and travel may be charged for distances over 10 miles.

* Unfortunately due to the extra time and charges, along with unpredictable parking arrangements the above charges are the minimum practical for Central London addresses.

# A float will be required to shop for food of your own request and taste.

Copyright © Personal Chef.UK Ltd 2003/09 No reproduction without prior written permission

Price List

£250.00 per session
£125.00 per session

£ 10.00 per hour
plus travel

£375.00 per session

£275.00 per session

+ ingredients


+ ingredients

£300.00 per session