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We want you to really ENJOY your dinner party

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About The Service

Chef Fay Olinsky
Menu Planning
Menus are specifically tailored to your needs and desires. We provide you with an assessment form which helps us determine your preferences and dietary needs. From that, a customised menu is created for you based on what you enjoy. We will even prepare any special recipes you have. No matter what your desires, whether you are a vegetarian, meat lover or have special dietary needs, they can always certainly be met deliciously.
Trips to the green grocer, butcher, fish market and supermarket become a thing of the past. Think of the years that alone will add to your life. We will acquire the finest cuts of meat, highest quality seafood, freshest herbs, spices and vegetables on the very day we prepare your meals.
Cooking for special occasions
We arrive in the afternoon with all the required ingredients and equipment for your chosen menu. We set the table, arrange the flowers, prepare the food, cook, serve the wine, serve the food and clear away leaving your kitchen and dining room as you wish and literally become your own personal staff for the evening.
Cooking for the freezer
We will arrive at your home with fresh groceries and our own cooking equipment. In your kitchen we typically prepare (5) entrees for (4) servings each and provide appropriate side dishes, plus desserts and starters if required. Each dinner is packaged, labelled, and stored. Specific heating instructions are left on your refrigerator door for optimum enjoyment of each meal
Clean Up
There is nothing convenient about a dirty kitchen. That means we clean after ourselves then pack our equipment. . The only evidence left is the aroma of the food in the air. When you get in from work, just go straight to the kitchen, heat up your meal and you have your dinner ready by the time you finish changing. This is living!
Do you fit the profile of someone who could use a personal chef? Just haven't got the time - Do you dream of hosting the perfect dinner party for a special occasion, or just for a wonderful change. Or a romantic dinner at home for a private celebration.
Singles -
Do you crave home cooked meals but don’t enjoy cooking for one?
Working couples -
Do you work long hours and don’t want to be bothered by "what’s for dinner?" question, but tired of supermarket packs,take-out and diner food?
New parents -
Do you need to keep up with the 4 A.M. feedings and nappy changes?
Need I say more?
Overwhelmed Mums -
Wouldn't you rather be at the ballet recitals, soccer games, than dragging the kids to the grocery store, or feeding them fast food that will make them "glow in the dark" later on?
People who have everything
Do you know someone who owns everything under the sun and is difficult to choose good gift for? No matter who they are...every one eats! This is the perfect gift!
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The Chef

Home Setting
Dinner for 20

The Butler

Home Baked Dinner Rolls

If you are renting a Holiday Villa

Especially if you are having a family celebration

Consider the services of a Personal Chef and Butler to make your weekend perfect!

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